I thought the MBSR course was very enjoyable and led in a friendly, warm way; Jackie's teaching was excellent and I thought that the recordings and materials were very useful.

- PB

MBSR was a revelation to me in managing my workload and family life. Jackie was cool, calm, kind and expert. I cannot recommend this course enough and if you are thinking of training Jackie is a first class choice.

- RH

I feel that I have gained tremendously from attending Jackie's sessions. They have helped me gain greater self awareness and derive more enjoyment from life generally.I also include some Mindfulness in my counselling sessions with clients, particularly if they suffer from depression.
The sessions were well organised and encouraged all in attendance to take part in discussions.

- ST

“I have really enjoyed the mindfulness course, Jackie has a calm and confident approach. I have learnt skills that have helped my family, social and work life, invaluable skills that will stay with me for life”

- TD

You know the course has had a huge impact on your outlook towards life when you look back many months later and realise you have been riding your bicycle on your own without stabilisers for some time now and that you have managed to avoid the potholes in the road!"

It sums up how I am feeling about my Mindfulness at the moment. Life has been incredibly tough for the last couple of months as my Dad's cancer returned and he had to have major surgery. Somehow though despite finding formal practice tricky at times it has always been there and I am convinced helped me to stay peddling on my bicycle and not fall down one of those potholes in the road that Surrey is so famous for!

- CL

Thank you Jackie for a wonderful day. I felt renewed, refreshed and truly inspired. You have guided my first steps towards an understanding of the power of mindfulness practice. I look forward to continuing the journey with you!

- AA, participant on Mindfulness Day

I thoroughly enjoyed the 8 week course I did in April. Jackie is a fantastic and absolutely lovely teacher. Friendly, experienced and relaxed. I was apprehensive about the group nature of the sessions, but it was all very low key and no pressure, and I found sharing experiences really helpful. I've learned some great skills to enjoy daily life and find the monthly top ups a good way to keep up the practice. I would highly recommend Jackie's course.

- CC

The skills learnt during the mindfunesscourse have enabled a positive change on our outlook and lifestyle. Jackie teaches in a sensitive, supportive manner enabling the group to share experiences, gain confidence and use the techniques shown successfully. MBSR has given us a tool kit to manage stress, understand ourselves, reflect on values and remind us of the importance of personal well-being. Thank you.

- TV and partner M

There really aren't the words to express my gratitude for opening my mind to the practice of mindfulness. I can honestly say I am a complete advocate and whenever anyone asks I simply say "It has changed my life. I wish I had known about it years ago."

- An NHS mindfulness course participant

For me the course opened a window onto a new way of living in the world, a profoundly happier way of living. I have taken the first step on a journey towards my goal of being and feeling a better, happier and more caring person.

- RC